World Wide Blog Hop

Amigurumi questions answered

I was tagged by my online crochet artist friend Madcroscientist to participate in the Worldwide Artist Blog Hop. This is a blog hop where artists answer 4 questions and then invite other artists to do the same in the following week. My answers are below.

1) Why do I do what I do?

I started crocheting in the summer of 2012, because I wanted to make a present for my sister in law. And as soon as I learned the basics I was addicted. I discovered that crochet was the perfect way for me to clear my mind from my busy day job. And when I realized I could crochet every weird character I have in my head, I couldn’t stop with one amigurumi. I had to make more and show them to the world. From that moment I crochet on a daily basis, and I am working on my third dutch amigurumi book already.
It’s an amazing journey!!
Prettig Gestoorde Amigurumis

2) What am I working on now?

At this moment I’m working on my last two amigurumi for my Third Dutch amigurumi book. I’m also working on 2 new free snuggle patterns like my elephant snuggle. And finally I’m working on adding 2 more free patterns to my winter busts. Too much idea’s and too little time!

Amigurumi Christmas Busts

3) How does my work differ from others of it’s genre?

Wow this is a good question. I think, at least I hope, that I add more humor and weirdness into the amigurumi, I also try to design more fun amigurumi for boys.

 Amigurumi parrot KletsmajoorAmigurumi monkey snotaap

4) How does my creative process work?

The first thing that needs to be done is to get all the ideas out of my head. So I sketch and write a lot. Besides my crochet work, I always carry a sketchbook with me. As soon as I have an opportunity I’ll sketch or write all of the ideas. After I’ve finished this process and when I’m happy with the results, I need to find the right colors and yarn. I usually use my favorite yarn like Stylecraft Special DK or SMC Catania and Phildar coton.
When I have everything around me: the sketches and my crochet tools, I can finally start with the relaxing part of the process: crocheting amigurumi. 

I hope my favorite amigurumi artists would answer the same questions. I can’t wait to read their answers and learn a bit more on their processes

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