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Creative being

I am a graphic designer and live in Amsterdam with my wife, adult daughter and young son. I’ve started to learn crochet in 2012, just to relax… but I couldn’t find the right patterns I wanted to make, so I had to start designing, soon after I learned the technique. Within a few months I’ve designed several patterns including Molar, Bill the Black Rooster and my Bunny Bust. And soon after releasing my first patterns I was contacted by a Dutch publisher who wanted to make a book with me, after that everything was a rollercoaster and I’ve turned a fun hobby into a succesfull business and I still enjoy every second of it.

Now I am exploring other fun crafts, like cross-stitch, papercraft, felt, fabrics and hopefully so much more. Thanks to the help of close friends and some great producers my fun characters are ready to conquer the world.

If you want to stay up-to-date follow my social media pages, and if you have any questions feel free to ask, by mail or by social media.


Errata Geluk en Vriendjes

Het gebeurt niet vaak en ondanks dat mijn patronen veelvoudig getest worden en meerdere malen doorgelezen slipt er altijd wel iets tussendoor. Op deze pagina zal ik de foutjes netjes vermelden. • Bij de materialenlijst van Dendennis staat haaknaald 2,5 mm en dat moet...

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It all started with a carrot

Jocelijne Brus made this gorgeous illustration. I love it. In the fun facebookgroup “Dutch Crochet Talent” we've started a special Dendennis week to celebrate my latest book “Dendennis zoekt zijn knuffel”. We've hosted 3 special events where Dutch followers could win...

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Lancering Dendennis zoekt zijn knuffel

Het is bijna zover!! Mijn boek "Dendennis zoekt zijn knuffel" is vanaf 8 maart beschikbaar. Om dat te vieren gaan we een officieel lanceringsfeest geven op zaterdag 12 maart van 12:00 tot 16:00 bij Echtstudio in Alphen Aan Den Rijn. Kom alle knuffels uit het boek in...

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