Party Pooper Amigurumi pattern US terms


Approximately 15 cm tall.


• SMC Catania 100% cotton worsted weight yarn (50 g/125 m): 1 skein 161 Chocolate brown, 263 Apricot, 146 Turquoise

• several colors SMC Catania Grande

2.5mm crochet hook, Fiberfill stuffing, 12mm golden safety eyes (2), yarn needle


Party Pooper kept his costume quite simple for the occasion. Even though he had to admit that he was a bit proud of the subtle color palette of the confetti, which so cheerfully contrasted with the earthly, brown look. He looked satisfied at the festivities around him. Why did the other guests walk around him? There seemed to be a weird smell …

You can also make a paper version of Party Pooper with this DIE CUT stencil.

His pattern is also available on:



Party Pooper Amigurumi

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